Progress is being made

Spent really good quality time at the mall and got a strong walk as I listened to Joyce Meyer.  I started at 5:00am and it was not too hard to get up.  I layed in bed about 45 minutes after the alarm, but spent that time relaxing and praying, but awake and wanting to be awake.

Patty had a doctor’s appointment so that ate up my entire afternoon for writing, but I got more research done on the internet.  By far the easiest route across the US is going from north to south.  Highway 41 is continuous from the upper peninsula in Michigan all the way to Miami.  No twists and turns and paved the entire way.  I am leaning on this being my first coast to coast ride, but stopping in Atlanta.  No good reason to go into florida.  I do wish there was a highway that went non-stop from east to west across the US.  I am going to do more research.  It rained all day and will again tomorrow.  I am hoping to be able to ride my bike on Monday.  I will begin by riding it to Angela’s house, which is 7 miles from me.  She wants help taking her decorations down.   

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It is getting warmer

The temps are definitely warmer, but with the warm air comes rain.  It is cloudy and the rain will be here day after tomorrow.  I did my walking this morning and I am working on making some vegetable soup.  I am excited about being able to ride my bike this week.  I am pretty sure that after I walk and do some wheat grass I will be able to ride my bike.  The temps will be too cold at 6:00am, but will be 50 degrees by afternoon.  I can handle that.  

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Day 2 of training

It is super cold here in Atlanta for the next couple of days. It is snowing very lightly and not sticking, but the temps are in the lower 20′s today and it is suppose to be 7 degrees tonight! Cra- Cra for sure.

I woke this morning at 5:00am and did my morning routine of devotional and prayer and also got a written journal entry. I am working on doing a video journal, but the only way I know how to do it is by my laptop camera and importing it to MovieMaker and then make something from there. I need to do more research on it. There has to be an easier way, I just have not learned it yet.

Jeanette bailed on me this morning, but I got a couple of miles in. I am working on doing some little things here at the house before I go back to the mall this afternoon. Hopefully Jeanette will be up (she went to bed at 2:20am) and willing to walk. I am going to get some wheat grass in an hour or so. I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning to go over a bunch of tests that I had run a couple of weeks ago. They should all be really good.

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Bike Training – Day 1

I have set a physical goal to ride my bike from Tybee Island, GA, to LA, California. Yes, it does sound pretty crazy, or cra-cra, as my nephew would say, but I am very sure that I can do it. I have spent the last few days doing a few maintenance measures on my new bike. It is a pretty old ten speed that is too big for me, but I am feeling like it is the perfect fit. The seat is an old wide bottom seat and the handle bars or put on upside down and backwards with some old cloth electrical tape around them. The brake handles are ok, but one handle is missing. I have an old ten speed in the barn that is a child size, but perfect for me to take the parts off of.

Today I biked really slow and carefully because the brakes are set very, very loose so I won’t go flying over the handle bars and I could not stop on a dime if I had to avoid a crazy squirrel or car. I was hating the hills in this neighborhood, but it was just a test drive to see if the bike could actually roll smoothly at a faster speed. It really did well and I am now sure of little things that has to be done to it and there seems to be nothing seriously mechanically wrong with it. It is a sound bike. Ugly, but sound. A perfect fit. I have to think of a name for him. Day 1 – In the books

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The Last Day of The Year 2013

A great learning year 2013 was.  I am very grateful to Angela Williams and Voice Today and I am looking forward to putting to practice what I have learned and want to preach.



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