Wonderful Day!! Reed is here!

Just before midnight last night my great-nephew Reed was born, 8lbs, 4oz.  He is such a cutie!!  I stayed out of work today and tried to keep up with Reed’s older brother Dean.  Dean is 13 and another cutie pootie!  Well, he would be completely weird if he knew I called him that at his age.  He is spending the night again with his grandmother, so we spent the day in the yard and we let him drive the car up and down the driveway.  All 100 feet of it!!  He was super excited about that.  

Going on the radio again tonight.  I have it on my schedule, so I am thinking that I have the correct evening.  It is what I wrote down anyway.  

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Rough Week

With the exception of having the privilege of experiencing my first radio interview on SCAN with Bill Murray on Monday, this has been a rough week.  Angela is out of town on a much needed vacation and us still at the office have been spending all week getting stuff organized.

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Radio Show

Last Night I was interviewed on the radio for a blogtalk radio show SCAN with Bill Murray and Carol Levine.  It was my first interview and exciting.  I pray that someone heard the show and found some peace or strength in what I said.  

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A Good Saturday

Even though it is only lunch time, about, lunch time.  It has been a really good saturday.  I got a good night’s sleep and got on my bike and rode for 7 miles and got a 2oz shot of wheat grass and now, 30 minutes later, I am going to eat some breakfast and get some writing done on my book.  

I did not get to listen too much to Bill Murray’s radio show last night, but I do enjoy it.  I am going to do some research and find a couple of other shows to listen to.   

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Hello and Welcome to All

Welcome to my new site.  I am very new to blogging and social media, so please be patient with me. I am an adult survivor of Child Sexual Abuse and I kept my secret for over 40 years.  I broke my silence a couple of years ago and have found wonderful healing through volunteering at VOICE Today.  

I started this site for adult survivors to go to and be able to write whatever they want, whenever they want.  I am not a doctor nor do I have any initials following my name.  This is just a safe place to go to talk and please know that I would love for you to be able to break your silence and release the poison that CSA builds inside you.  

Again, please feel free to visit and come back.  Also, please share blogs that I may visit and blog radio shows that I can listen to.  Healing is a journey and I always want to be going forward in my healing.  

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Look at me!  I’m blogging

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