My first book is finished!!

I have my first book, Cinder Blocks and Oven Racks, live at Amazon on Kindle books.  Please go to amazon and order yours today.  I also have started a new book series of my short stories.  They are in a series called, “In Our World” and each one is a specific short story.  Enjoy.

AP Harris

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Been so busy

It has been such a busy month and also a very happy birthday to my youngest granddaughter, Elina!!  I love that little one so much.

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Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter

My beautiful granddaughter turned 4 yesterday.  I got her a pair of cowgirl boots.  My son texted me and told me that she really liked them.  I can’t wait to get to see them at the end of this summer.  Plans to move to NY at the end of February is still a go!!  I just now have to work as many hours as I can to get the money for my books published, printed and on the website.

Speaking of which, I have to get to work.

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th Everyone!

Any holiday, big or small can trigger bad memories, but can also be a day when we learn to look forward to being able to be healthy and enjoy creating new memories of fun activities or just resting.  Being able to simply rest is a huge accomplishment for many survivors.

On this 4th of July, I am spending the day mostly alone and front porch swinging.  It is a wet 4th here in Atlanta and I will spend a few hours writing and enjoying recharging my batteries.  It is just as important to be happy being alone as it is learning to be happy with a room full of people.

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Let the Weekend Begin

Good Morning everyone,

I got up pretty early to get some last minute finishing touches on my book and it is now officially ready for print!!  I start advertising today and I am really excited about meeting fellow survivors and sharing our different stories of triumph and healing.  I will be back tonight to cap off this very big day!!

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Working on my new website

Here I am on a beautiful saturday working on my website.  It should be done by today.  I am really hoping that survivors will enjoy it.

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This One Step

I just got my website up and running and also email and social media.  I am having trouble with the twitter button.  Twitter is weird with their support people.  I’ll get it going this week.

I am excited to be able to help survivors to “let it go”.  I am hoping that the flashbacks to Frozen start to fade with that saying.

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